Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Olá, not Hola


Shop Star Brazil
I figured since this was the last week of my second transfer, I should probably write hola the way they do in Portuguese. :) Sorry for lying to all of you for the past 3 months! It was just too fun.

However, it's all good because transfer calls came today and guess what? I'm TRANSFERRING!!!!! Never saw that one coming! This Wednesday I will be going to my new area in Urayasu and I will once again be speaking Japanese! I'm excited to meet my new companion and get to work. I won't be training, but I will be in the same area as Akagi Choro (from my MTC district), Kooeyman Choro (who I knew in the MTC, he is a transfer behind me) and Tokyo Disneyland (although we aren't allowed to go there).

I have loved my time in Oizumi and I am grateful for everything I have learned. It has been an amazing experience and I have met so many amazing people. They have truly changed me and I know that I have become a better missionary because of these people. I am grateful for all they have taught me!

Now let's talk about what happened this week because it was a crazy one!

Visiting one of our investigators.
She was sick so she insisted we be protected.
First of all, I am no longer a trainee!!! I have finished my training! Isn't that crazy? I have been in the mission field 2 transfers, 12 weeks.  I learned so much and I really think that it helped me become a much better missionary.

On Tuesday, we went all the way to Tokyo for the combined Mission Conference with Elder Bednar and the Tokyo South Mission. We woke up extra early to be there 3 hours early, so we were seated right in front. It was an amazing conference! The whole 3 hours was a question and answer and we were able to learn from Elder Bednar and from each other. I had the chance to stand up and share a little thought at the end and it was so amazing. The Spirit in the room was so strong and I learned so much.

The main things that I learned were that we really need to listen to our investigators and that we need to constantly be building our faith so that we can help others build their faith. Faith is something that I have been focusing on a lot these past few weeks and I feel like as a result, my faith has gotten so much stronger. One thing that Elder Bednar taught us was to take a question we have and read the Book of Mormon with that question in mind, marking everything that answers that question. When you finish, write a page about what you learned and put it in the book. He talked about that in the MTC, so I tried it and it was a great experience. One thing he added this time was that once you did it 1 time, do it again, and see what else you notice. I really liked that and so I am going to implement it in my Book of Mormon study. I really have a testimony that the Book of Mormon answers every question we have. There are answers on every page if you are willing to look for them.
Outside the Mission Home
at the Mission Conference.

The whole conference was amazing and I was able to see a few of my Kohai, as well as Elder Handly and Sister Morris who were in my ward in BYU and are serving in the Tokyo South Mission. We had to run out of the conference to catch our train back home so I wasn't able to talk to them, but it was so nice to see them.

We got home and only had time to go visit one person before Ping Pong, so we went to visit Sayuri and the greatest miracle happened! She took our challenge to heart and prayed to know what path she should go on, if baptism was right for her. On Tuesday night, after already having an amazingly spiritual day with Elder Bednar, she just told us "Sisters! I have a desire to be baptized!" It was the greatest news ever! And she wanted to be baptized this Sunday!

Unfortunately, she wasn't able to be baptized this Sunday. Throughout the week, we worked with her to receive parental permission.  Now she has permission from both parents, and she is excited to receive baptism this Sunday. We are so excited for her! She has an amazingly strong testimony that is just so inspirational. Her testimony has grown in leaps and bounds since we started teaching her and it has been truly an honor to teach her and watch her grow.

Dinner with Camilla
This week we also had the chance to meet with a less-active named Noriko. She actually lives in Maebashi and has been meeting with the Takasaki Sisters, but she works in Ota sometimes and loves the Oizumi sisters, so she takes us out to dinner every now and then. She is so sweet and she has the cutest little boys! We had a really great time talking with her and seeing how she is. One funny story was that at the end of dinner she kept saying "We have to get dessert. We can't leave until we have dessert. You can't say you are too full for dessert." Well we couldn't really argue with that and she was very adamant about dessert. There was no way we could tell her about our sugar fast, so we just looked at the menu. It all looked so good! Oh it was so tempting, luckily they had a "healthy" dessert option and I just looked at it and was like, oh that works! It was chia seed yogurt with fruit. Yogurt and fruit were both on our OK list, so we both got it (and then Noriko decided it looked good so she got it too) and it ended up being so good. Yay for healthy, sugar fast decisions!

Saturday was an interesting day. We had so many people we needed to visit, we were afraid we wouldn't make it to all of them. We didn't need to fear though because no one was home. We had so much extra time, we decided to call PI's and we were able to find 2 new investigators! Yay!

Halloween cake from Adriana.
That night we had the Halloween Party in Kiryu. We managed to get rides for all the youth in Oizumi and we were able to go and have a really good time. There was a haunted tunnel and at first everyone was terrified of going into it, so Sister Pourre and I led the way. After that first time, all the girls went through it like 10 times and then they decided to be a part of the haunted tunnel and scare others. It was so funny to watch!

There were also piñatas and Adriana made an amazing cake. It was a really fun night, and I think it really helped the youth to bond more. Next week is the Kumagaya Halloween Party, hopefully they have fun at that too. Sadly, I won't be there :(

At the Halloween Party
As for today, it was transfer calls, so we just kind of sat and ate breakfast/studied all morning as we anxiously waited for the call. We honestly had no idea what was going to happen and it was such a shock to me that I was going to Urayasu. After I got the call, I spent the rest of study time packing. It has been crazy, and I'm sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I'm also excited to see what is next.

I have seen a lot of miracles this last transfer in Oizumi and it has been amazing. I think the sugar fast helped with that. We finished the sugar fast after church yesterday and ate a lot of good...but I think I learned some important lessons. It wasn't the actual "not eating sugar" part of the sugar fast that helped us see miracles, it was the fact that we worked even harder because we weren't eating sugar. We promised Heavenly Father that we wouldn't eat sugar so that we could see miracles, and so we worked even harder to find and teach people that would be ready to receive baptism, and as a result we found Sayuri. Not eating sugar was so hard, but I am really proud of us. I feel like our companionship unity increased and we were really able to see some amazing miracles in OIzumi.

Oizumi will always hold a special place in my heart. It was where I was "born" and it was a place where I really grew a lot. I will miss it! Thank you Oizumi!

See you all next week, from Urayasu!

Black Shimai

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is it Halloween or Christmas?


The Halloween Train - so festive, so fun
Tomorrow we get to see Elder Bednar!!!!! I am so excited!!!! It's like Christmas!!! Even though it's almost Halloween!!! :)

I am so so so excited to see him and to hear the words he has to share with the Japan Tokyo and Japan Tokyo South Missions tomorrow. He asked us to read 4 of his talks over the past month to prepare for his visit and I re-read all 4 this morning. They are amazing talks and even just reading them and applying the things I've learned from them has helped me be a better missionary.

This week, we spent a lot of time in other areas. Besides Zone P-day, which I wrote about in last week's email (sorry that it didn't send last week, double emails for all of you this week!), we also went to Maebashi on Tuesday for Interviews with President and Sister Nagano and we went to Oyama on Thursday for Exchanges.

Interviews on Tuesday were so great. It is so nice to be able to have time to talk to President and Sister Nagano one on one. They help me so much, and give me so much strength. I have the best Mission President! The only sad news? Sister Nagano brought amazing brownies and cookies, but we had to say no because we are still on our sugar fast. :( It was so nice to see them though.) The Zone Leaders were doing iPad checks while we were being interviewed and when we came out, Elder Watabe (who was checking my iPad) just asked "So there is this video of caterpillars falling from the sky, what was going on?" Haha, good times.

On the way home from Interviews, we got to ride this super festive train, it was completely decked out for Halloween. It was amazing and so fun! Haha, not many people actually celebrate Halloween in Japan, but sometimes you will run into things like this and think "Wow, they are more festive than America."

Ping Pong
That night, we ran Ping Pong by ourselves again because the Elders had exchanges in Takasaki. Four young women showed up and it was chaos. They were just taking selfies all over the place! It was crazy! Haha, they were so fun though. Sayuri, an investigator, and Naomi, a member, both came with two friends and it was really fun. We play church music while we play Ping Pong, so you know it's a party :)

Two amazing lessons we had this week were with Dayane and Sayuri, a mother and daughter that we teach separately.

Dayane has such amazing faith. She is trying to do all she can to live the gospel, to come to church and to help her children. At the end of our lesson, we only had to ask her once if she would pray and she agreed! Then she gathered her two youngest daughters and said the prayer and it was the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. She was praying for us and the other missionaries around the world. It has been such a blessing to teach her. She really wants to be the best and to live the gospel every day. She wants the best for her family

Sayuri is just as amazing as her mom. She has such enormous faith as well and wants to participate in all of the activities. She is excited to go to church and learn about the gospel, and she always has really good questions. This week we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she was asking about the Celestial kingdom and she was understanding everything. It really is amazing.

I feel so lucky to be teaching this family. It was such a miracle that we found them a few weeks ago at the Churrasco, and I am so glad that we did. They are so strong and they have such a desire to learn more. I can't always understand what they are saying, but I can always feel the Spirit as we share our messages and they share their thoughts.

Exchanges with the Sister Trainer Leaders
This week we also had exchanges in Oyama with the Sister Training Leaders! I got to go out with Sister Coughanour and we had a blast! She finishes her mission at the end of this transfer, so I was able to learn a lot from her. She really helped me to be confident enough in my Japanese to survive one day in a Japanese area. When we started this exchange, I realized that my Japanese has gone down so much, it was so hard. I had almost no confidence to speak to people, but over the course of the day, I was able to rebuild that confidence and although some people would just look at me weird when I talked, I was able to communicate with people and help share this amazing message.

After dinner, we were waiting for an investigator to show up, but she never did, so we decided to call some PI's. Well, Sister Coughanour had the brilliant idea to use my ability to speak Spanish and Portuguese and have me talk to all the Spanish and Portuguese PI's. It was so weird because I felt so much more comfortable talking to those PI's than I was talking in Japanese. Portuguese feels so much more natural now. Who knew that I would ever say that? I was able to set up two appointments for the Oyama Sisters, so it was a miracle that we decided to do that! The Gift of Tongues is real! It has helped me so much on my mission so far, and I know that my testimony of it will continue to grow for my whole mission.

At night, our last lesson of the day, we were working with a mother and her daughter. Sister Coughanour was helping the daughter with her English speech and the mom and I just watched. After a few minutes, I decided it was probably a little awkward to have two of just just watch the daughter, Kamuri, so I moved over to the mom, Kaori, and started talking to her. It was very slow and it took a lot of hand gestures and dictionary help, but we were able to talk a little bit. She even showed me pictures of her and her daughter at their baptism. I showed her pictures of my family and we talked about families and how amazing and important they are. She was so patient with me, and I know that we both were able to feel the Spirit as we talked.

Exchanges were amazing and I learned so much. I will be sad to see Sister Coughanour go home. She has been an amazing missionary and Sister Training Leader to me. She has such a strong testimony and she is fearless when it comes to talking to people on the street.

Now for the highlight of the week...Mutual!!!!!!

Sister Pourre and I really want to work more with the youth in Oizumi, getting to know them and helping them, and all the youth here are Young Women, so we decided to have a Mutual activity on Saturday for all the girls ages 12-18. We invited the members and investigators and told them it would be a fun Halloween activity. We were so pumped for it! We bought all this cute stuff (Daiso has the cutest Halloween section) and we prepared all morning for it.

Our Halloween Costume Challenge
That night, only two girls showed up, Sayuri and Miki, both investigators. We had so much fun though! Dayane was there too, waiting for Sayuri. We did introductions then we had our Halloween Costume Challenge. We split into two teams (Sister Pourre and Sayrui, Me and Miki) and each of the girls had 30 min to create a costume out of plastic bags, toilet paper, napkins, body paint, and origami paper. It was so fun! They got really creative. Haha, Miki and I had a blast! It was so much fun, such a mess, but so much fun. We gave them all Choco-pies and Pumpkin Kit Kats at the end, and it killed me that we couldn't eat any, but it's all good. We hope to be able to have more mutual activities in the future with more of the girls to help them get to know each other better and to help us get to know them too.

Overall, it was another crazy week, but it's also been a fun week. We are starting the last week of the transfer, so next week is transfer calls! Will I stay in Oizumi or will I go? Who knows? We will find out next week!

See you next week!

Black Shimai

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Craziest Tuesday Night of my Life

(This is Sister Black's letter from last week. We will send her letter for this week tomorrow. - Sister Black's parents.)


The weeks are flying by here in Japan! Can you believe I've been in Japan longer than I was in the MTC? Can you believe I've already been here almost 2.5 months? I'm almost done with training! What is this?!

Let's start with Tuesday. Tuesday was crazy because it was Elder Miller's last day in Oizumi! We tried to make Ping Pong super fun and invited everyone to come say goodbye. We even bought snacks and brought some of the youth. It was really fun, and Vivi even got Elder Miller a goodbye present, some magic toys because he loves learning magic and likes showing us all of his card and coin tricks. It was so nice. Then one of the investigators invited us all out to dinner, for one last meal.

The only problem was time. Ping Pong ends at 8:30, we needed to bike home with one of the youth because we promised her mom we would, the Elders were planning on visiting one more family and we had to be home by 10:00. As you can see, not much time. AND THEN Elder Miller got a flat tire. Never fear though, we managed to get everything done, eat in 15 min, take some pictures, and have a really good last night with our amazing District Leader. It was a crazy night, but it was super good, and we made it home on time 😊

The next day, Elder Miller left and Elder Queiroz came to Oizumi. I am officially the only American missionary in Oizumi. Crazy!

We also had Zone Meeting this week and it was so good. I got a lot of really good ideas on how to help promote Mission School (our English and English Test Prep classes) and how to better prepare for Elder Bednar's visit next week! One thing I'm really trying to do is to actually act on the talks that we were asked to read, to try them out now so that I can come up with better questions to ask. One thing I'm focusing on is asking in faith and really taking the time to be thoughtful in my prayers and come to Heavenly Father with plans and actions I want to take, instead of asking him to tell me what to do. So far it's been really good!

In my studies, the Elder Bednar talks, General Conference talks, and the Book of Mormon challenge, I've learned a lot about faith, obedience, and diligence. Everything I've been reading has really focused on those three things. Having and growing your faith, then obeying and acting, then enduring and persevering to the end, no matter how hard it is. Missions are not easy, but they are rewarding. It can be frustrating when someone doesn't keep their commitments because you know that if they do they will be blessed, but as long as we keep having these three things, we can know that God will bless us.

This week really has been a week of miracles (what week isn't?).

On Tuesday, I took the lead on a lesson we had with Lucimara. I was worried because her Portuguese is one of the hardest for me to understand, but it actually went really well. We were able to find her real needs and teach to them. It was a completely different lesson than we had planned, but it was what she needed. It was so amazing!

Saturday was a huge miracle day! We were able to teach two of our new investigators, Sayuri and Adele.

Sayuri is only 13, but she has a lot of questions that she has been looking for answers to. She really wants to learn more about Christ and how to have a happy family. She's the daughter of a former investigator that we just started teaching again and she is so sweet. On Saturday, we were just planning on teaching her the Restoration and seeing where we should go from there, but then she had so many questions that we ended up teaching the Restoration, most of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end) and most of the commandments. She was so prepared and she was so cute! We are really excited to continue working with her and helping her find the answers to her questions.

Then we had a lesson with Adele, a referral from the Elders. She is Filipino and her English is amazing. She loves to learn about languages, people, and religions. She was amazing because she already understands the importance of the Holy Ghost and feeling that confirmation that what she is hearing and learning is true. She immediately believed in Joseph Smith and the First Vision and she said she wants to come to church a few times to see what she feels.

Both of these investigators came to church on Sunday and it was so special. We were watching the Sunday Morning session of General Conference, so they were able to hear the words of the leaders of our church. They had questions, and we were able to answer them, and it was so good!

Speaking of General Conference, it was played in Portuguese, so on Saturday morning, during personal study, I read all the talks in English so that I would be able to understand at least a little bit (or at least remember a bit from each talk). Well, during the actual conference I could barely understand anything, so I just took notes on impressions that came to my mind. It was weird because I couldn't write down things that the leaders said that stood out to me, I just had to listen to the Spirit to know what to write. It was a different experience to me, but at the same time I loved it. I was really able to listen to the Spirit and focus on what was important for me instead of just the beautiful words they said. I will for sure be reading all of the talks again over the next few weeks, but these notes I took during the session will always have a special place in my heart because I know that they were revelation for me.

I haven't had the chance to see or read all of the talks yet, so next week I will talk more about General Conference.

One of my favorite talks that I have studied is President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk from the General Women's Broadcast, "Fourth Floor, Last Door." Everyone was emailing me about it this week, don't worry, I've watched it in English and Portuguese, and read it multiple times, it is so good. We actually watched it with an investigator this week because it was so perfect for her. I love it because it is so true, we never know what God has in store for us, we have to push forward with faith all the way to the last possible moment.

This week was hard for Pourre Shimai and I because we have been doing this sugar fast and it can be hard to see the miracles because they aren't big ones. It was really hard for us, but we agreed, that no matter what, we will continue our fast until the very last moment. We have faith that we will see miracles, the miracles we need to be seeing, not necessarily the miracles we want. And we have! I've included a few of them in this email, but there are so many more.

We found two new investigators for other areas yesterday. We have been able to help a former investigator start to progress. We were able to meet with a less-active member that we haven't seen in weeks. So many miracles! This sugar fast is so hard (especially when your Zone Leader makes an amazing ice cream cake for Zone P-day and you can't eat it) but we know it is worth it.

Now for some fun stuff that happened this week: As I mentioned, we had Zone P-day today! The whole zone got together to do Iron Chef in Maebashi, Sisters vs. Elders. We had 45 min to cook and it was so fun! We made gyoza (Honda Shimai's mom's recipe) and Rice Krispies made with granola. It was really fun! Haha the Kiryu Elders weren't cooking because they brought a recent convert with them, and so we sent them out to buy us more marshmallows when we ran out! So nice! They got back just in time for us to finish the Rice Krispies before time ran out.

The Elders made some kind of stir fry that was pretty good, but the sisters still won!!!! Whoooooooo! Haha, then Elder Seeger brought our his ice cream cake and it looked so good! He put in Black Thunder, and ice cream, and melon pan (bread with chocolate chips). Oh it was so hard, but we resisted!

We also played a round of missionary mafia and that was really fun too! Overall, a great Zone P-day! We have such a fun zone, it was great to get to talk and cook with them.

Other funny moments from this week: At Eikaiwa, we decided to play Charades and Kai Kyoudai got Shinkansen (the bullet train in Japan) and he was so funny acting it out! I wish I had a video! He just started running around the room really fast and waving and it was so funny! When Kai Kyoudai does charades, he gets into it. He gives 110% and it is so fun!

On Sunday, some mysterious food showed up in the fridge labeled Sisters and Elders. Elder Passos talked to the lady who dropped it off. Apparently, there is a really nice woman here in Oizumi that belongs to another church, but loves to make food for the missionaries. Mysterious food!!! It was so good! It was real Brazilian food and it was delicious, bobó and esfiha. Bobó is like a soup with shrimp and mushrooms and esfiha is meat stuffed in dough. Both were so good!

It's getting colder here in Japan (like WA weather), but biking warms me up. I can't believe that another week has passed, but I will talk to you all next week!

Thank you!

Black Shimai

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pictures from Sister Black

(We didn't get an email for the blog this week, but we did receive pictures.  So we are sharing those with you. - Sister Black's parents)

A giant bug.  Japan has so many huge bugs.
Eikaiwa Charades - We give them such nice words.
And they give us this.
I got a cute monthly planner from Daiso this week.
This is also how I look after a busy, productive day.
Sayuri and Dayane after church - they are so cute.
Suri and her son Myles at his birthday party.
They had some good Filipino food with the chili sauce I love from home.
Beautiful view from an investigator's home.  The mountains are so beautiful here.
Our Zone P-day
Making gyoza.
The final product of a contest between Elders and Sisters .

The winning Shimai team!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Plot twist...


Basically, every day I go to bed dead tired and then I wake up dead tired again, but it's all good because we are seeing miracles in Oizumi!

First of all, we started a Book of Mormon challenge with some of our Less Active members, to read the whole Book of Mormon before the end of the year. That equals about 6 pages per day. We will be checking in with them this week, but I know that I have been blessed so far. This time I am marking Christlike Attributes and all the references to Christ and it is amazing to see that his name is mentioned on every single page of the Book of Mormon. It really is a testament of Jesus Christ, every page testifies of him. I know that this book is true. It has changed my life and brought me so much happiness. I love sharing the happy message that it brings!

SIster Pourre and I also started a Sugar Fast this week. Until October 23rd, we will not be eating any sugar/candy/sweets/juice. We are trying to see miracles here in Oizumi, and we know that as we show Heavenly Father our dedication by giving up sugar, he will help us to see these miracles and really help the people here in Oizumi.

Breakfast with Vivi
Funny story, one of our investigators invited us to breakfast the day after we started the sugar fast. We told her we couldn't eat sugar and yet the moment we got into the house she had this super good looking Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate sauce. Oh my goodness, it looked so good. AND she kept tempting us to eat it, even just a bite. It was so funny, but we didn't give in! We took it to the Elders instead. They are getting a lot of sugar this month because we just give it all to them. :)

Are you ready for some of the miracles we have already seen?

First off was Isabelle, a Less Active. We visited her and ended up helping her set up her wifi. Last time we saw her, we tried to download Gospel Library on her tablet, but she didn't have wifi, so we couldn't do it. We told her the problem, and then we showed up today and she had actually gone out and bought wifi! We spent a long time trying to set everything up for her phone, laptop, and tablet. I got to use a little bit of my IS knowledge from last semester at BYU. Haha, the only struggle was the computer since all of the settings were in Japanese...which none of us could read. But we did it! Now she has Gospel Library and she can read the Book of Mormon!!!

Last Week at Shake Shack
Then the day after we started the sugar fast we had District Meeting and the Zone Leaders came. Well, the Zone Leaders walked in and Elder Seeger says "Hey guys, I hope it's okay, but we brought a friend." We were all so confused, then in walks a Peruvian who was actually super interested in learning more. It was so crazy! Apparently he just went up to the Zone Leaders on the train and started talking to them, then he walked with them to the church. It was such a miracle! Then he came to Eikaiwa on Sunday too! Yay miracles for the Elders!

On Saturday, we experienced some more miracles. We found 6 new investigators, that's a lot even for Oizumi. ALL IN ONE DAY!!!

One of these investigators is Mamta. We actually housed into her family a few weeks ago, but we couldn't figure out what language they spoke so we tried Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese before her Uncle told us they weren't interested. She looked a little interested so we were really disappointed. She came out about 5 min later and we were able to talk to her in English a bit before her mom made her leave. That night I prayed so hard that we would be able to have a second chance with her. Fast forward to this Saturday when we were biking past the apartment. I spotted a teenage girl and stopped to talk to her (because I am really working on stopping everyone) and it was the same girl! She remembered us and wanted to exchange contact information so that we could meet some time! It was so amazing! Everything really does work on God's time.

Churrasco from last week
Church yesterday was another miracle. Last week at the Churrasco we were able to talk to Dayane, a former investigator, and she still had interest so we met with her this week. Well, her and her daughters and one of her daughter's friends (who coincidentally was another former investigator) all came to church! Dayane even bore her testimony! It was beautiful! Besides Dayane and her family, we also had another Japanese couple, and a Japanese/Brazilian family all come. They were all members, but just to look out and see almost all the chairs filled, it was such a great feeling.

Last miracle was Karina. Last week we were calling Potential Investigators on the phone and we found Karina and set an appointment to meet her at Beisa (the grocery store near our apartment) on Sunday. Well we met her and it was such a great lesson. She had so many questions and they just fit the Restoration lesson so well. Everything she asked about was part of the lesson so we were able to weave all the principles together with her questions. I've never seen a lesson fit an investigator so well before. It was such an amazing lesson! It flowed so well, the Spirit really guided us to teach her in the way that was best for her.

We are already seeing miracles here in Oizumi and I know that we will see more in the weeks to come!

Now for some funny stories from this week:

All the white dots are caterpillars
We were about to leave an appointment with Laiane when her brother told us that there were these white spiders falling from the trees and that they hurt when you touched them. We were so confused, so we just started biking, but then we got to a tree and he was right! There were tons of caterpillars falling from the trees! We kind of just stood there for 5 minutes watching them fall. There were so many! I didn't try touching any of them though...and afterward we biked in the middle of the street so that none of the caterpillars would fall on us. :) It was so weird.

Also, in the middle of weekly planning we got an email with all of the dates for Zone Meeting and Zone P-day and such and we just kind of died because there was so much. Sister Pourre especially. Haha we were just like "Maybe if I don't put it in Area Book, it won't happen" but it's all good. We are excited for everything and we did put it in Area Book, don't worry :) You should have see Sister Pourre's reaction though, I wish I had a picture!

Our District
Last, but not least, the big news of the week. The craziest of all plot twists. ELDER MILLER IS BEING TRANSFERRED!!!!! He got a call this morning saying he was being emergency transferred to Urawa this Wednesday. He called us right after it happened and we were so shocked, we just kind of sat there for 18 min. Elder Querioz is coming here on Wednesday. It's so crazy! He was in Elder Passos' District, so now two of my Senpai will be here in Oizumi...and I will be the only American missionary here. It's so crazy! He's still shocked, we are still shocked, it's just all super crazy. We will miss him though!

Thank you all for your support and love. See you next week!

Black Shimai

We made origiri at lunch.

Aren't they cute.  Guess which is mine?  (Hint: the one on the left.)