Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ai Love or Ai Blue?


We are nearing the end of the transfer, I can't believe that already! I swear the time goes faster and faster. We found some soda that Sister Nicholes told me Sister Bede bought, and then I realized that Sister Bede was here 6 months ago. I have been in Matsudo almost 4.5 months! Time flies so fast!
With girls running a Vietnamese booth at a school festival

This week was no exception to that either. I swear this week was only 1 day.

We had the chance to have interviews with President and Sister Nagano this week and it was a welcome opportunity to just talk with them and feel their love. They really helped me with some of the things I've been struggling with. I love President and Sister Nagano so much! I can't imagine any other Mission President.

This week was also the last of the exchanges for the week. We went to Tsukuba!!!! On the rainiest day ever! Luckily I brought my rain jacket and my more waterproof-ish bag (some pamphlets still didn't survive though :( ). I was back with Sister Van Pelt, one of my favorite missionaries ever! We went to visit some members and they were so sweet. We got completely soaked though (even with the rain coat). The funny thing is that even though the rain was pouring, no one was on the streets, and we couldn't even enter the homes of the people we visited because we were so wet, I was overwhelmingly happy. When we are on the Lord's Errand, doing his work, we will experience disappointments, but we will always be able to feel more joy.

The next day, we truly saw a miracle. We had a lesson with Ai-san, who we have only met a few times, but she has been coming to Mission School for a while. We didn't have a lot of time to prepare for the lesson, so we decided that we would read the pamphlet together, every paragraph, just like we have been mogi-ing in Zone Conferences. That was when the miracles came. Ai-San started asking the most amazing questions, and then there was a part in one of the paragraphs that we don't normally use in our lessons that just resonated with her. She really really wants to know if this church is true, and if it is, she wants to act on it. So, we were able to SET A BAPTISMAL DATE WITH HER!!!!!! She completely understood that the date helps us to work hard together to help her receive her answers. A baptismal date is so important because it gives her a real goal to work towards. Without a goal, what motivation do we have to do anything? She is really excited to work towards this goal, and we are excited to work with her as well!!!!! We love Ai-San!!!! (Hehe, Ai in Japanese means love, but Ai-San's name actually means blue which makes for some funny jokes :) )

The Ogawa's
Our other miracle lesson from this week was when we randomly stopped by Shizuko-san's house. She's our other investigator with a baptismal date. She's been struggling with the Word of Wisdom lately and remembering

why she wants to keep it, so we gave her a CTR ring (one of those green ones that kids always have) so that she can wear it and whenever she looks down she can remember why she is trying to keep these commandments. She loved it and it was such a powerful lesson. We were just standing at the door and testifying, but the Spirit was so strong. She has so many temptations right now with work and family, but she is really trying to overcome.

This week was seriously so jam packed with things (we went to 3 different areas this week for exchanges, District Meeting, and helping another ward) and there were so so so many miracles. It is impossible to share everything with you all, but the work in Japan is really hastening. I have never had so many progressing investigators and I have never had 2 people with baptismal dates on my mission, but I know that the Lord blesses us as we work hard and strive to be obedient. I am so blessed to be working in Matsudo right now. I don't want to leave! Next week are transfer calls though, so who knows. :(

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!!!!!!

Black Shimai

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